Saturday, October 13, 2007

Try To Be Nice And See What You Get?

A perfect example of the age old saying "give them an inch and they'll want a mile", can be found here.

It's not that I do not believe in being nice or trying to respect a person's rights to live the kind of life they want to live. What irks me is, when people make demands for respect and reasonable accommodation in a given situation and refuse to reciprocate, when the opportunities arise. I think all that grace this site on a regular basis, all know and understand that we could not go to the Middle East and demand that food outlets serve sausage, ham, and bacon for breakfast. We could, but it wouldn't happen.

Yet, Saudis and other Middle East Muslim nationals can come here, demand things, get a sympathetic audience, and at very least get a debate going. In those nations, the request would probably not even be considered, nor would it even be addressed.

Think about that a second.

I think it was long-time NBA coach Lenny Wilkins that made a statement, close to this: Respect is s two-way street. To get it, you have to give it. But for some reason or another, we (that understand this principle) are somehow supposed to do all of the giving and none of the receiving. Is this fair? is this just?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be treated fairly. It's only natural. But when someone expects preferential treatment over and above others, it ceases to be fair. When one religion demands preferential treatment and calls for the suppression of others (due to them being offensive to them), it ceases to be fair.

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L'Amerloque said...

Hi LASunsett !

Not only is it not "fair" or "just", it is offensive and undemocratic.

It is, in a word, "fascistic", in the dictionary sense of the word: "a person who is dictatorial".

It has been said that democracies in the past have failed because they offered democratic tools to everyone and the opponents of democracy then used the tools against the democracy to bring it down.

One hopes that things might be different in the USA.

As to France … the newspaper (Le Parisien, page 12, in the "Living Better" section) yesterday informed its readers that –all- of the chicken served in –all- KFC outlets in France is … hallal. Quite a surprise, eh ?

Amerloque wonders what the (American) head office has to say !


Mustang said...

I could be wrong, but I believe that few businesses set patriotic principles above their profit margin. Rather than implement principles designed to shore up the values or mores associated with western civilization, most corporations seek to placate the “disaffected groups” in order to increase gross margin. This “negative reinforcement” encourages special interests to increase their demands, to the detriment of the greater society. Now if there could be a grass-roots movement to boycott businesses that seek to enrich themselves by catering to special interests, then maybe we could gain their undivided attention. Sadly, this is not likely to happen because democratic societies tend to ignore such conditions when they do not perceive that they are individually affected. Muslim organizations know this, of course, and are milking it for all its worth.

Anonim said...

Hi all.

I don't see anything wrong in asking for or providing halal food service. But demanding music and alcohol service be taken off the venue leaves me speechless. Have they asked for and gotten a cafeteria just for Muslim students? What am I missing?

Will we see the day when a Muslim demanding rights and freedoms does indeed mean expansion, not constriction, of rights and freedoms? Boy, was that a stupid question?

LASunsett said...

Hi Amerloque,

//It has been said that democracies in the past have failed because they offered democratic tools to everyone and the opponents of democracy then used the tools against the democracy to bring it down.//

If we look back at our history, many of the conditions that lead to autocratic rule, are rooted into religious and cultural conflicts, many times from a result of some group(s) that want to suppress the opposition.

Rome was one such model that showed both sides of the spectrum. As innovative and pioneering the Roman Republic was at one time, it eventually became too big and unable to absorb all of the differing cultures under one flag. Multi-culturism was a huge factor in the fall of secular Rome.

//Amerloque wonders what the (American) head office has to say !//

My guess would be: Sell chicken and sell it often. ;)

LASunsett said...

Hi Mustang, Hi Anonim,

I can respond to both of your comments with one diatribe. (I am getting quieter as I age) ;)

I have no problem with a private business voluntarily accommodating someone. I have no problem with those that want to be accommodated, petitioning the business. I just do not think it's fair to make demands and expect them to comply.

But in the case of government, I do not like religion and state mixing in an official capacity, in any shape or form. That even includes Christianity. If we allow one to have something, then all are entitled to similar amenities. And what really gets me irked is, demanding something for one group in one area and then crying that something else is offensive.

A prime example is the Airport foot washing row. Airports are supported by tax dollars and in essence are government entities. Why is it fair to demand this and yet, complain about Christmas in the schools?

The larger point is, if one group cannot have something, the other cannot either, if the group involves religion. Otherwise we will have every last religion demanding their own, whatever it is they think they need.

The hypocritical double standard of Saudi Arabia and other such nations just solidifies my irritation in the entire matter. The fact that I am expected to accommodate those that would not reciprocate, does not set well with me.

Greg said...

Did you guys know that you can't bring a Bible into Saudi? Totally serious. They are the worst apartheid state in the world. Ever.

I laugh outloud whenever someone even utters the word "islamophobia." It's the greatest myth in America. Ever. "Islmophobia" means that these damned Christian and Jewish people won't convert and follow sharia.