Sunday, September 30, 2007

Putting Mind Over "Matters"

Last week, a firestorm arose as a result of a distorted picture being painted, about some remarks made by Bill O'Reilly. The NYT fronted it and got the story out into the mainstream.

Their source? None other than Media Matters (MM), a political cult funded by George Soros.

Bill has weathered it well, so far. And he should, he said nothing offensive. I am sure he has the tape and will produce it to anyone that wants it, but I am sure they have already heard it. I would be quite surprised if they hadn't. How else would they have been able to find the part that was supposedly so offensive?

I normally listen to Neal Boortz on my lunch hour, but on this day I went late and I just happened to be listening to him. I tell you, this whole thing is being blown up by MM in order to generate more tensions (as if actual tensions aren't enough). With Jena 6 dying down a bit, they can kill two birds with one stone. They can incite the Sharpton and Jackson organizations into more bogus "outrage" and smear O'Reilly, in one article.

No folks, I heard an entirely different conversation than just the snippets, they want us all to hear. In fact, my version pretty much matches
Juan Williams' version of the conversation, because he heard the entire conversation also. You have to hear the entire conversation and it would be plain to anyone with any sense.

Now, I know Bill O'Reilly isn't liked by all. Just the mention of his name will bring horrible consternations and condemnations, by many. He's the kind of guy that you either love or you hate. I would say that an overwhelming majority of people in the US, know who he is, and their opinions are usually based on two things: 1) Agree or disagree with his political and personal principles. 2) Love or hate his personality.

Personally, I think he gets it right much of the time But sometimes, he gets it wrong. I also think he can be a stubborn and arrogant man, at times. But sometimes, he can be a pretty understanding and compassionate guy. One thing you have not seen a lot of here at PYY is very many posts linking to or about, Mr. O'Reilly. A sycophant, I am not. He is what he is.

But no matter what you may think about him, I know what I heard. And let me say, they've really skewed this for their own character assassination agenda. Why? They don't like his politics. They don't like his swagger. And mostly, they just do not like him.

And from the looks of things, neither does the NYT.

We must all understand something here. MM has put this kind of stuff out before. Just browse their website, they go after the conservative hosts almost exclusively and with a vengeance. And quite frankly, most people expect this from a George Soros enterprise.

But, should the NYT with their record of incompetence make a habit of running with a story that comes from a group, which aligns itself with MoveOn.Org and the likes? If so, then I think it already cheapens what is practically already shot down the tubes.

So I guess the bottomline here is simple. Media Matters really doesn't matter much, when you know the whos and whys of their doings. And if the MSM starts taking misinformation being fed to them by Leftist Cults (on a regular basis) and if they refuse to do their homework, they will see a real drop in credibility.

So, if I were to arrive at some kind of moral to this story, it would be:

It's all about putting mind over matter. I don't mind, and MM doesn't matter.


Greg said...

The name rings a bell. Are they the same group that slandered Bill Bennett not too long ago? I liked his response at the time: "Not only am I not going to apologize - they owe ME an apology for twisting my words." (or something like that).

I guess it never occurred to me that race-baiting could be a commercial enterprise. I always thought it was just ideology, but this is America after all. Even the looney socialist lefties have to make their millions....

LASunsett said...


//The name rings a bell. Are they the same group that slandered Bill Bennett not too long ago? //

They are.

They have a hit list of conservative hosts, they have people that are assigned to listen to each and every one on that list and wait to wrest anything they can out of context, so they can smear them.