Wednesday, September 19, 2007

President, Congress At All-Time Low

The latest Reuters/Zogby poll shows the latest approval ratings, with the President at 29% and Congress at 11%.

Bush isn't running for re-election, due to term limits. But if he were, I don't think he'd make it this time around. But Congress has no term limits and many of them are running for re-election. The sad thing is, essentially the same clowns will all be re-elected, despite the mood of the American people.

Just once I'd like to see the American people exercise some courage and vote all of the incumbents out. All of them.

They can re-apply for their jobs next time, if they wish. But maybe they'd get the message that they work for the people, not their own self-serving and arrogant self-interests


Lewis Walsh said...

I order to bring about a end to perpetual congressional career system voters will need a unifying entity. I think that the citizen imposed federal term limits Six Years and Out movement could fill the need.

Legislators are unlikely to approve legislation that would limit terms of office. And, if such a law were to pass, the Supreme Court is likely to strike it down. We can clean up the mess in Washington if we individually take action to limit congressional terms. The most skillful of the wealthy minority and the most unethical of the permanent political class can not stop action taken by the Six Years and Out movement because it is citizen imposed; we need no legal or judicial concurrence.

Six Years and Out, The Pledge:

With the recognition that there are huge numbers of intelligent, talented and qualified citizens who are prepared to limit their public service. I hereby pledge that I will not vote a second term for any United States Senator and no more three terms for any United States Congressman.

LASunsett said...

Hi Lewis,

Welcome to PYY.

I understand what you are saying and I like it. But we have to have many more that are willing to vote this way, each and every time. With you, i think that no Congressman or Senator would ever vote for term limits and the SCOTUS would strike it down.

Well said sir. The best way to implement term limits is at the voting booth.

LASunsett said...

As an addendum I would say, the time to vote a person out would best be in the primary.

john Miller said...

Term limits would require a constitutional ammendment.

Bob said...

On my blog today, I wrote a post,
Senator Offers Hope for Fixing Congress.

Believe it or not, I call for Americans to thank Sen. Pete Domenici for, quite possibly, making his greatest contribution ever to the health and future of this nation. That contribution comes in the form of a cure -- term limits -- for the disease that's forcing him to retire from office.

Check it out!