Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Waiting For Murtha

The title should read Waiting For Godot, because that's what waiting for an apology from Rep. John Murtha is like. Let's take a look at a short video and see how the Congressman from Pennsylvania tap dances his way out, when confronted:

(Hat Tip: Greg)

Note how when he is pressed, Murtha gets angry and asks the young reporter if he had been in the service; then he invokes his own military service as some justification for making himself judge, jury, and executioner, when this case first came to light. Well Mr. Murtha, I have been in the service. I, too, served my country honorably. Will you take the same question from me?

What Murtha and many others had hoped in the case was for this to become, Iraq's My Lai. But one by one, charges are being dropped. So, it appears there is less of a "there" there, certainly less than when they came into the airwaves last year accusing young men assigned an incredibly difficult task, of horrendous crimes.

It wasn't that they asked for the investigation, that's perfectly within their rights. But, they made it sound like it had been established as fact, before any of the judicial proceeding or investigation results were even known. They presumed guilt before innocence and in my view, violated these men's constitutional rights, before God, man, and the media.

Note this performance:

There are two lines of investigation going on here, the alleged crime itself and the alleged cover-up. You can read a brief review of the latest charges to be dropped in this case, here in the AFP.

No folks, these people like Murtha sing a good song for the cameras, when they want to play politics. But they cannot even bring themselves to issue an apology, when they are wrong. And these are the people that are serving us in such a vital capacity. These are the people that represent us.

All he has to do is apologize, I'll You Tube it right here, and we'll move on.

So, come on Congressman. What's the song going to be? Silence Is Golden? Or I'm Sorry?


Greg said...

I'm glad you share my outrage at Murtha's behavior. Granted, there are 2 soldiers against whom charges are still pending, but for those for whom charges have been dropped Murtha has nothing to say? He had plenty to say before, but now he wants to wait before commenting?

As an aside, the Senate today very narrowly defeated a bill sponsored by Sen Leahy (D-Vt) that would have provided Osama bin Laden with access to our civilian courts - someting our solidiers and sailors are not entitled to. Not that I would relish voting Republican in the next election, but boy, the Democrats are making it real tough for someone like me to warm up to them. In fact, they make me physically ill.

LASunsett said...

//He had plenty to say before, but now he wants to wait before commenting?//

If the remaining two are acquitted, I seriously doubt he will apologize.

A.C. McCloud said...

It doesn't matter if two are still pending, he should have apologized to that young man and said he was wrong for the other ones.

The chickenhawk thing was classic, though, since he was too chicken to apologize and ran into the elevator.

LASunsett said...

//It doesn't matter if two are still pending, he should have apologized to that young man and said he was wrong for the other ones.//

But AC, for you and me and countless others that have integrity, this would easy. But for Murtha, it's not so. He's too proud, he's too emboldened by virtue of the fact that he's been in Washington too long. He gets away with things that you and I couldn't.

Do you know what the sad thing is, here? He started out sincere, like many vets that come to Washington, to serve their country in a different capacity. But quickly, he learned the wrong things and succumbed the pressures of the political underworld. And now, he has fallen the way of the irrational Leftist cults.

I agree with you, it's hard to respect someone that cannot admit their wrong.