Sunday, September 16, 2007

Times: Israel Hit Syrian Nuclear Cache

Thursday, I posted a piece on the recent raid conducted which reportedly resulted in a Syrian target being destroyed. Friday, I posted an update on that post, with some sketchy speculation.

Now, there is more information being released, discovered, or has somehow come to light that gives us something more to chew on, while we try to understand this better.

It's easy to speculate from where I sit without having the resources that the London Times has access to. The article seems to do a good job of presenting what they have learned, up to this point. And I do not find it to be unreasonable in its assumptions. But in this kind of thing, one can never be 100% sure, if the picture we see is 100% clear.

Having worked for government before, I have had several incidents occur that I had first hand knowledge of. Yet when I read the account in the newspaper, it looked nothing like it happened. In some areas, it was similar but not exact. So one must always view what they read, with a critical eye.

The general consensus seems to be that there was in fact, nuclear material involved, very possibly from North Korea. The purpose of that material seems to be very much in question. But the two entities that can settle the speculation, Syria and Israel, are remaining very tight-lipped. This is forcing media outlets to dig and piece together information slowly.

Check the article out, if you haven't already. The one thing that you can put together after reading this is: Whatever the reason those materials were there, it was for no peaceful purpose.

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