Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Blogroll Addition

An occasional visitor and commenter here at PYY has made the leap and opened his own blog. He and I go back a little ways, meeting at Super Frenchie's site and our viewpoints are often very different, in the realm of ideology and philosophy. Although we are in the same generation, much of our opinions are from the difference in location and culture. Close to the same age, we both had very different upbringings and experiences.

He is French, I am American.

But besides that, we have always been able to air out our differences in an intelligent and respectful manner, if you do not count the time, I told him he was "full of sh*t. Now that he knows that sometimes I am full of sh*t, we have gotten along well in our debates and have been two guys with differing opinions that are sometimes full of sh*t.

Beyond that I can say, although I disagree with half of what he writes, he writes it well and is always a pleasure to read. For this reason I am blogrolling Flocon's new venture, simply titled, Shall We Talk?

So far he has two posts, one in French and one in English. regardless of which language you speak, I am sure you will find some interesting things there as he develops his new project. So when you get a moment, please go visit and say hello. And if you see something there that you think I would disagree with, be sure to tell him that LA says he is "full of sh*t". ;)

Seriously, give him a look.


Flocon said...

Whaow! That's a recommandation LA!
Thanks for the courtesy and the coup de pouce (Can't get the exact translation. Something like "the little help from my friends"...)
And now, I feel compelled to live up to the reputation you've made me...
So, in your honor I had to write a new post in English that should be to your taste...

Thank again LA, I can't send you the elevator back (French expression literaly translated) that would be both preposterous and ridiculous, like a newborn blogger to an experienced one (with over 1.400 posts behind him...)


LASunsett said...

Hi Flocon,

//Thank again LA, I can't send you the elevator back (French expression literaly translated) that would be both preposterous and ridiculous, like a newborn blogger to an experienced one//

You are very welcome, but it's not necessary to thank me. I wouldn't do it, if I didn't think you were good enough to do this well.

There's a movie called "Pay It Forward". The phrase means instead of paying a favor back, pay it forward. So, someday when you have been blogging for a couple years, you can help a new blogger.

Greg said...

Next to the new crew over at superfrenchie, flocon is a breath of fresh air; a veritable America-loving atlanticist. :)

I'll have to check out the blog.

L'Amerloque said...

Hi LAS !

Ah ! Amerloque has linked to "Shall we talk ?" ... (wide grin) ...

Those Colts are something. eh ? (wider grin) ...


LASunsett said...

Hi Amerloque,

//Those Colts are something. eh ? //

They are, but now they have five key people out with injuries, including their star receiver Marvin Harrison. Next up is Tampa Bay, then, a much needed bye week.

Rocket said...

Cut me a break.

This guy Flocon is such a knife in the back phony "en manque d'amour"

He gives real meaning to the phrase watch your back.

LASunsett said...


I can only attest on how he has treated me. We've had our disagreements, but I feel like he has been respectful here at PYY.

I like Flocon, despite the fact that we look at the world from very different perspectives. Had I been in high school with him in France, I'd think more like him in a lot of ways. If he has been in my high school, he'd think closer to me.

But we are who we are, and that's what makes us all unique. I learn much from him and I learn much from you. I learn something from everyone here at some point.

You and Amerloque are ex-pats, you guys have a certain view of the world as people that have been born here and have chosen to make France your home. Both of you have much to teach others. And I value it. It is always welcome here.

Flocon has much to teach too. He is in our age group, he does what people our age that were born and raised in France would do. He knows what he knows, because that's the thinking he has developed. I cannot fault him for that. He is doing what any Frenchman would/should do, when bragging about his country.

Sometimes I think he is wrong, sometime he thinks I am. Usually those are the same times.

This is what this blog is for. I wanted a blog that people could share there stories, views, and experiences and argue the issues of the day in a civilized and professional manner. I want this blog to be known for its civil discourse, free exchange of ideas, and mutual respect for the people on the other end of the connection.

I have always believed that to treat people this way, is much more rewarding than being bitter and angry, as the primary excuse for being nasty and rude.

There are bloggers that do not come here anymore for whatever reason. A couple of them say some nasty things about me on their blogs, sometimes.

Do I care? No. Do I waste my time answering them? No. Do I respect them? Not much. Do I carry a grudge towards them? No. Do I wish them any harm? No.

The biggest reason I don't do any of these things is, I don't care what people think or say about me. I do not produce anything of any value when I waste my time, caring and stooping to their level.

It really isn't worth the time or effort.

Rocket said...

Hi LA and thanks for your feedback.

Let me say that one has to speak French and have experienced the "Magical French Touch" (very wide grin)in order to comprehend what is going on with the heavy petting which accompanied the opening of the new blog in town.

But in short I'll say that Etchdi said it best responding to the last post of our fair weather friend on the Superfrenchie blog.

Etchdi Says:
September 28th, 2007 at 11:08 am


Isn’t your insistance on treating this subject also “another way of asking for love?”