Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Different Kind Of Immigration Problem

Now, it seems Canada is complaining about Mexican immigration. From the Windsor Star:

Over the past three weeks, 45 families and 31 individuals -- approximately 200 people -- entered Canada at the Detroit River crossings and applied in Windsor for shelter and social assistance after filing refugee claims with the Canada Border Services Agency. Municipal agencies dealing with the sudden influx of mainly Mexican refugee applicants are renting out hotel rooms and bracing for predicted thousands more to come.

So, what's their reponse?

Here's what the Mayor of Windsor wrote to PM Harper:

"We don't have the means, ability or capacity to deal with this additional cost. We are not able to deal with this potential crisis locally," Francis wrote Harper.

"I don't believe that Windsor's residents and taxpayers should have to foot the bill for U.S. immigration policy," Francis told The Star. He was referring to the suspected source of the problem -- a recently begun crackdown on illegal immigrants in economically struggling regions of the U.S. South.

The question I have is, why didn't they go back to Mexico? The Mexican border is closer to Florida than Canada's. But even more pressing is the question I would pose to Canadians: Why is it the U.S.'s fault? You think we should absorb them and allow them to break the bank here, let's let you see how you can do it better. Show us all how it should be done.

And I might add, you are off to a great start. You've not had them in country three weeks and you are already complaining that it is a drain on your resources. Go ahead, we are in utter awe here. We're watching the masters of compassion in action.


Greg said...

Why is the U.S.'s fault?

Like, duh - it's always the US' fault. I lernt it in public school.

LASunsett said...

I see you pickt the one sentince with the tipo in it. Tanks budy.