Thursday, September 20, 2007

EU Philosophy 201

Reuters is reporting:

The European Union joined on Thursday a U.N. call for Israel to reconsider its move to declare the Gaza Strip an "enemy entity" and appealed for it not to cut key services to the Hamas-run territory.

I am trying to make some sense of this. So please bear with me while I run this through.

Hamas has taken over Gaza and has made a habit of lobbing rockets over into Israel on a semi-regularly basis, pretty much from the time they have been in control. So after what I would consider an amount of time that goes way beyond patient, they decide that considering Gaza "the enemy" is in the best interests of their country.

Now, the EU says they shouldn't do that because people will suffer. In other words, Israel should make sure that the people of Gaza (which demographically includes the rocket-lobbers) have all of the things they need to stay healthy and energetic, so they can continue to plot against and attack their country.

Sorry, but I simply must pose some questions here.

What happened to the fine art of rational reasoning? Why would anyone be surprised that Israel would do this? If Luxembourg were raising this kind of hell, would Belgium, France, or Germany be any different?

It amazes me how Europe has put out some of the greatest minds that ever existed and yet, they cannot use a common sense approach in some cases. Don't get me wrong here they do get it right sometimes. Just as there is no 100% perfect system anywhere, there is no 100% imperfect. But I think they are wrong here.

My suggestion the the EU is, to leave Israel alone in this matter. It makes just as much sense as Turkey's stand against the PKK. It makes sense to any nation that must endure unprovoked attacks from a terrorist entity, from within or without.

If basic rations are your concern, I can say all you will need to do is get a map and do some planning. On that map you will note numerous seaports in EU countries that would be capable of shipping supplies to Gaza, who has a seaport that can receive them. You can do that to your hearts' content. Just remember something: While you are doing it, be sure to send plenty if you expect the truly poor people to get any, because the terrorists will get first dibs.

And, they will still be lobbing rockets and will continue to be a destabilizing force in the Middle East.

Folks, at some point, someone will have to get tough with those that seek to subvert the cause of peace. If you keep feeding the lion, he will get bigger and bigger. Then when you run out, he will be that much harder to kill, when he tries to eat you.

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