Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Blast From The Past

Many people fail to realize that Germany is a country that has had a thriving rock scene, for many years. After all, the Beatles used to play Hamburg in the early 60s and had a great influence on musicians there, at that time.

But sadly, many of them did not and still do not get much of an audience here in America. Why? Because the market isn't overly kind to bands that do not sing in English. When I lived in Germany, you would have been surprised how many quality bands were well known in their country, and throughout the continent. Some sang in English, others did not.

This weekend we honor some of those bands that were popular in the Bundesrepublik in the late 70s, when I was there.

First up is one that was one a minor hit here in the States. Many of you that were into the rock music scene may remember it, when you here it. The band is Kraftwerk, the song is Autobahn:

Next is an artist that never made it to the States. In the many years I have been listening to radio, I have never heard one song by this group. Not one.

At the time I was there, the push was for Europeans bands that wanted to make it big in American music markets to learn to sing in English. One performer decided he didn't care if he made it big in America, or not. So he sang for Germans (and anyone else that cared to listen). He was a household name in Germany, he sold a lot records, and a hell of a lot of tickets to his shows. He didn't need America.

If you like good time rock and roll music, you'll most likely find this tune a catchy one. Here is Udo Lindenberg und Das Panik Orhcester (the guy that introduces them looks like someone from the Rocky Horror Picture Show):

The biggest commercial success that took the States by storm was a band that reached their peak in the 80s, long after I had seen and heard them perform. When I returned in 1980, very very few had even heard of them. When the next song came out, that all changed. Here is a live version of Rocks You Like Hurricane, by the Scorpions (and a little help from the Berlin Philharmonic):

Led Zeppelin had their Stairway To Heaven, Guns and Roses had their November Rain. So too did the Scorps have their signature work of art that will live for many years in the world of classic rock. It is a song about the changes coming about in late 80s Europe as the Cold War was winding down. Here is Wind Of Change:

The song for the encore cannot be embedded, so here is a link to one of their better songs, No One Like You.



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LASunsett said...

Hi Mitch,

Video #1 - I have always loved Nena, 99 Luftballons was the only song that made it here in the States.

Video #2 - Never heard of these guys before. I thought they sounded like a German AC/DC. If had a dollar for every time I have heard an AC/DC song, I'd be challenging Bill Gates for financial supremacy.

Video #3 - I never have been much of a fan of Nina Hagen. But thanks for adding to the selection.