Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burma Violence To Spur UN Action?

The political crisis in Burma is mounting sufficiently enough that a meeting is supposed to take place tonight in the UN. But after watching this organization perform at a snail's pace in other pressing matters around the world, I wouldn't get too excited or expect that anything substantial will emerge from it.

Besides the fact that the UN sat idly by in years past while dictators like Saddam butchered his people, the UN is not known for its speed and efficiency. The current crisis in Darfur bears this out. The UN also is in no hurry to take on the burden of the Iranian situation, so how are we to believe that this meeting tonight will yield anything of any reasonable value?

But, like all things that come out of the UN, I am sure that whatever comes out of tonight's gathering will sound good in a sound bite and look good on paper. Meanwhile, the protests and the repression of such will most likely continue, while the UN tries to hoodwink us all into thinking they are relevant.


Found this article from the WSJ. It adds to the mix in this story, in that, the UN will fail because China will always be there to obstruct anything that would prove the slightest bit constructive. I said when China became a member of the Security Council, the world would someday rue that day. I think that "someday" is already here.


Greg said...

They'll have a few weeks of discussions, and at the end, there will be a resolution comdemning Israel, and Burma will be named head of the Human Rights Council. Who says the UN can't take decisive action?

Anyway, who are we to "impose" "our values" - like freedom of speech and self-determination - on these burmese folks to whom such western notions are completely foreign? The real goal should be to convince them that a repressive military regime produces stability, which is better than sex.

Ok, time to stop.... It's fun picking on the UN, though.

LASunsett said...


//which is better than sex.//

I was with you until you got to this point. You really know how to kill the mood, don't you? ;)