Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another Blast From The Past

This week, it was announced that the three remaining members of one of the most successful rock bands of the 70s, will reunite for a show paying tribute to the late Ahmet Ertegun. With those three, the son of the deceased member will play in his late father's place. The band is Led Zeppelin.

Zeppelin was an enigma. When they released a new album, you never really knew if it would have the same sound as the last and it rarely did.

They started out as a hard rock band that got most of their influences from traditional blues, albeit with a higher technological edge. By the time they were done, they had set a trend in rock music that is, itself, emulated by many artists today. Many of today's "so-called" alternative bands will cite Zeppelin with being a defining influence, in their music. (Soundgarden, a popular band from the 90s, was one those many and sounded like early LZ, in many of their tracks.)

The only chance I had to see them was when they came through Frankfurt, in 79. By the time I'd found out, they were sold out. Naturally, I figured I'd catch them the next time round. But, not long after that concert, the drummer was dead and so was the band (as we knew it). As the DJs once often said: This weekend, we have a little "Led for the head".

One of my favorite songs by them is a song that will run through my head, whenever I go back to California. Here is Going To California:

Next up is a cut from the Houses Of The Holy LP. The two that got the most airplay were Dancin Days and D'yer Maker. But one that I always liked was a tune called The Ocean. Here it is:

From the fourth album came two songs that worked their way into rock radio station rotations. Both are two of their best pieces of work, both are as far apart in style, as one can get. The first showed their ability to rock and roll with the best of them. It's title says it all, but you really have to listen to it, to truly appreciate the work. Here they are on their last tour (don't be afraid to tap your foot on this one), here is Rock & Roll:

Whenever one thinks of the greatest song of an era, each era has their share. But few can say they have one that will be played throughout the ages. The second song from the fourth album is such a song. Here is a song that once was rated the greatest rock song of all time, the one, the only, Stairway To Heaven:

Because I am so very tickled that they will be performing again, here's an encore for good measure. It's a little rockabilly tune from the In Through The Out Door LP called Hot Dog:


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