Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why Iraq Is Not Stable

Before anything else, I will warn my readers that the video I have linked to contains graphic images of two Iraqi men being executed.

Their crime? Working for the Iraqi government, trying to make Iraq a better place to live.

Watch it if you want to, don't watch it if you don't. But regardless of your choice, know that no real peace can come to Iraq until these thugs are all hunted down and either imprisoned or killed. They are killing their own, all in the name of their sick and perverted ideology.


The Jawa report has more on this heinous act of barbarism.


Greg said...

Oh, c'mon - that's nothing compared to Abu Ghraib, LAS.

Sorry for the continued sarcasm, but that's the feeling that the vicious condemnations of the coaltion's efforts in Iraq inspires in me. Specifically, I'm talking about the repeated claims that the US is tearing Iraq apart, that we have killed hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of civilians, that the US and its allies are the real problem, etc.

The worst part about that video, LAS, is that as brutal and inhumane as it is, it's not even close to the worst stuff you can view on the internet coming from our enemies in Iraq.

Michael Totten has another fantastic report from Samarra today (aptly titled "Hell is Over"), about how the locals were so brutlized by the enemy that they chased them out of town (with our help) and are now happy to have our troops with them to help maintain what they have gained and build upon it. Everyone should read it...

LASunsett said...

//Oh, c'mon - that's nothing compared to Abu Ghraib//

Don't TEASE me, bro. ;)