Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another Blast From The Past

As most regulars know, this is usually a musical feature. But this week I thought I'd play around and try something different, as a change of pace. This week, I have decided to post some old vintage commercials.

Many of you that read this blog are old enough to remember some of these ads. I know I am. But for those of you that aren't, it's one more opportunity for you to think about how square your parents were. But, in your laughing and ridicule, just remember something. That's they way it was. We were just kids and had little creative control of anything, back then.

First up is an ad for Folger's Coffee. See if you remember it.

In any fine capitalist society, kids are a viable market. Being a kid in the early 60s meant that I had plenty of corny kids commercials, directed at me. Here is one that I remember well (maybe you will too).

No Saturday morning was complete without its share of cereal ads. Here is one I remember from the days that the "bad old" President Kennedy was busy interrupting my cartoons, to update the world on the Cuban missile crisis:

As a youngster, I remember looking forward to Friday nights. That was Flintstones night, when they were on prime-time TV. Here is an ad that was directed at the parents that watched it with their kids. You'll never see this kind of commercial, today:

Well that's it, for this time. Next week we'll be back to music.



Rocket said...

Ah the good ol' days. Brings back some nice memories. Remember this one?

I was born in Dayton Ohio and spent a lot of time in Cincinnati and so I went to a lot of Red's games until we left Dayton for Washington DC (1962 ugh)when I was 8 and became a Senators fan. You know, you try to root for the home team but the Washington Senators? (They sucked sooo bad!)and the Redskins at that time until Vince Lombardi came along. Ugh Equally worthless.

In Ohio I always remember Hudepohl and Wiedemann brewing company and the billboards at old Crosley field. One of them had something called 14K beer. Door you remember it LA? Are you from Indianapolis originally?

LASunsett said...


//Are you from Indianapolis originally?//

No, I am from the LA area originally. Much of my family is from southwestern Indiana and we visited them from time to time. Falstaff was one of their regional beers, along with Falls City from Evansville.

But I do remember Wiedemann and another beer from Detroit, Strohs. Some others were Blatz, from Milwaukee I think. And, Old Style from Chicago. I still have an Old Style once in a while, when I am at this Chicago style restaurant.