Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

This week we feature a band that only had a couple of Top 40 hits in their run, but had a lengthy career as an album rock band. Unless one is in tune with the late 70s and early 80s progressive rock scene, their music would not be as memorable as others during that era.

At the height of their "moment in the sun", their music was considered a unique and avant garde sound that was both deeply emotional and somewhat spiritual, in nature. To put it simply, they were versatile, always fresh, and knew how to edify the senses.

Ahead lies just a few of the many sensual, vibrant, and intrinsic sounds of Roxy Music, led by Bryan Ferry and where Brian Eno got his start.

My favorite LP from these guys was their last big commercial success and was their only platinum, released in 1982 (and long after the departure of Eno). The name of the album is Avalon, the song is called More Than This:

From that same album comes another mellow tune that will soothe and relax a weary soul. Here is the title cut:

A song that made it to #30 on the US charts in 1976, many my age or older will no doubt remember this next one. From the 1975 release called Siren, here is the jazzy and artful Love Is The Drug:

Back to the Avalon album for this one. It reached #26 in the uK but was a chart failure in the US. But if there was a genre for new age rock, this would have been #1. This is the only video I can find, it's called Take A Chance With Me (followed by the sort and sweet, Tara):

Here's one from Bryan Ferry's solo work. It's off of the 1987 BĂȘte Noire album, it's entitled Kiss And Tell:

Where the rock in all of this, you may ask? For an encore, check out this Bryan Ferry title cut remake of one of the premier rock and roll songs ever, Let's Stick Together:


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