Sunday, April 20, 2008

Watch The Birdie

No, we are not taking sitting portraits for a photography special (with coupon). What we are talking about is the You Tube video that someone at the LA Times thinks may have been a one-fingered gesture towards Hillary Clinton, from Barack Obama. Watch it and see what you think here:

No one can say for sure what Mr. Obama's intentions were here. But in my analysis, I tend to agree with the writer of the LAT, on this one.

If (after he had scratched his face) he had stayed completely on message without batting an eye, I would tend to think it was an innocent thing with no ill-intentions, whatsoever. But he didn't do that. As the crowd picked up on it and mumbled, he paused, and gave a very sly smile as if to communicate the thought, "I wondered who would catch that".

But honestly, no crime has been committed here. The only thing we can say is this is one more observation we can use to evaluate the character of Sen. Obama, who has been presented to us as some prim and pristine soul, unaffected by the evils of Washington.

Certainly, the press has been soft on him until this past debate, where he was caught completely off-guard by tougher questioning than he has been used to heretofore. Because of his (and his camp's) perception that he was treated unfairly by ABC, he now he seems to be backing away from anymore Q&A sessions with Sen Clinton for the remainder of the nomination contest. So it comes as no surprise that we must use some measure of psychoanalysis through words, gestures, and body language to assess who this man is.

In addition to this smug little sophomoric gesture, we have learned much from Obama as he tries to tap dance his way out of some tell-tale issues:

We have learned that he has embraced an America-blaming pastor who preaches a racist doctrine of black separatism, for 20 years. Remember, this is the man who claims he wants to unite Americans and save us from the Bush policies.

We have learned that he embraces an unrepentant left-wing radical that was involved in terrorist bombings in the 70s. He sat on a board with this man and visited his house, before his Illinois Senate run. When asked about this connection in the debate, he did everything possible to side-step the question by questioning the validity of the question.

We have learned that he has very thin skin, as is evidenced by his unwillingness to engage in anymore debates for fear that he "might" be treated unfairly. He thinks he has some kind of mandate before the votes are even cast, yet when challenged, he makes a federal case out of it.

We have learned that he and his supporters will cry racism, when he is challenged on items of policy and ideological arguments. Look at the beating Geraldine Ferraro has taken over her remarks. Look at how they tried to twist her words into a racist remark.

We are now learning that he is being untruthful in his campaign, claiming to be free from special interests. Just take a good look at this list of contributors. Raising the kind of money he has, he wants us all to believe that none of it has come from George Soros or other wannabe king-makers.

We are learning that he plays fast and loose with the truth. As this article suggests, his claim of not taking money from oil corporations is accurate to a point. But how many people really understand that to do so would be illegal? Some sacrifice on his part, right?

The important thing we are learning about Mr. Obama is his political chin. He cannot take a political punch. He cannot answer his critics without employing typical politician tactics, which are right out of the political escape and evasion handbook.

He says, we have to get past the Jeremiah Wright thing, the Bill Ayers thing, and just about every little thing that doesn't sit well with him (or his handlers) He believes this because this is just typical politics and he is going to change the way we do things in Washington. My question then becomes, does this mean he will stop skirting relevant questions?

Folks, the Democrats are once again parading a double talking, power hungry, and arrogant elitist as their candidate. People are starting to see this with more visual acuity, each and every passing day. Democrats may think he's a better candidate than Hillary, but this doesn't mean he is any better suited to be President. As the electorate is quickly discovering, he really isn't much different than John Kerry or the other patrician politicians that insult our intelligence with their pompousness.

So if things keep going like this, we will learn much more about Obama before November. Much more will certainly surface (things he has done or been in involved with, as well as things he will say and do). By the time Election Day rolls around, the American people will finally be able to say with pride and confidence, "Bye Bye Birdie". And it just may prove to be the "fickled finger of fate" for the Obama candidacy.


Always On Watch said...

Having been out of circulation for a few days, I didn't watch this bit of video footage--until now. At first, I thought, "Nah! He didn't make that gesture."

But having watched and listened to the footage twice just now, I have changed my mind. The pause and the sly smile are clear indications of Obama's intentions.

Quite an adolescent dig at Clinton and clear pandering to the crowd, IMO. And I see the gesture as something else too--a sort of show business tactic. Remember the Rat Pack? They were given to such "subtleties."

Of course, running for President should not be a comedy act filled with snideness to sneak by the censors. And what really matters are Obama's connections with Wright and Ayers. Are those connections enough to cost him the nomination? I'm not sure. When I bring up Ayers and Alinsky (not mentioned in this posting) to various non-blogging friends, I often get a blank, so-what stare.

A.C. McCloud said...

More proof Obama belongs on Comedy Central..

I think he did flip due to the crowd reaction afterward. Did anybody get video of the crowd?

Mustang said...

LA, I suspect that ” . . . double talking, power hungry and arrogant elitist,” pretty well sums up any politician no matter how much I wish it were not so. Liberals, however, have a peculiar agenda that has nothing whatever to do with helping Americans succeed, strengthening the fabric of our society, placing value on our culture, rewarding success, improving education, lowering crime, or even emphasizing the importance of family units. Rather, they are singularly focused on socialist ideology and self-enrichment/empowerment even if that means the complete disintegration of cultural values that made us who we are (or were, 30 years ago).

Obama is a liberal politician. Worse, he is a Chicago politician. No one should be surprised that he is a racist, separatist, or that he openly befriends people like Ayers or Tony Rezko, a Syrian born “developer.” Seventy years ago, Obama would have been taking bribes from Al Capone and enriching himself in speakeasies and the patron system in South Side Chicago. No of course, everyone argues that he may indeed be a snake in the grass, but he is wonderfully eloquent. I have not heard him say a single expressive thing; lots of glitter, but not one single positive detail about his vision of “change.” Yes, of course, he will meet with every terrorist leader whose agenda is the destruction of American lives and property (ala Jimmuh Catah), but I hardly envision that as positive leadership.

Indeed, we are living in interesting times.

Greg said...

We have learned that he has embraced an America-blaming pastor who preaches a racist doctrine of black separatism, for 20 years.

Didn't you watch the last debate, LAS? He said he "disowned" him. Uh, er, well...

mustang: Yes, of course, he will meet with every terrorist leader whose agenda is the destruction of American lives and property (ala Jimmuh Catah)

What a coincidence - Carter is an Obama supporter!

P.S. - he was defintely flipping the bird.