Wednesday, April 02, 2008

UK Independent Photo Misleading

Take a good look at this photo that was published with the story about the "so-called" depression, taking place right now in the United States.

PYY has effectively debunked the contents of the story, here. Now, we can consider the photo used by the publication, debunked.

Fox News has just reported (on the air) that this picture is three years old and was taken in 2005, during a coat give-away. It is not a current picture of people lined up for food stamps, as the Independent would have us all believe.

It just further demonstrates how far the media will go to sell the notion that the country is in a depression. People that buy into this notion are certainly some of the most gullible individuals. But we can excuse them, because they may not be high functioning enough to use analytical skills to think their way through it.

What we cannot excuse? The ones that are advancing this myth know fully well what they are doing and why they are doing it.


Some others following this farce are Maggie's Farm, Gateway Pundit, and NRO.

The picture belongs to Getty Images.


Greg said...

Looks like a line at Fenway for Yankees-Red Sox tickets.

Anyway, geez, they couldn't photoshop in some Israeli bombs dropping on these folks for increased effect?

In all seriouslness, this type of behavior from journalists is truly frightening.

Rocket said...

Hey Greg! I was just about to write that! So I'll just say fans waiting to get into Yankee stadium