Monday, April 07, 2008

A Lesson In Victimology

When he is not entertaining children at parties dressed as a clown, my good friend Mustang is a very prolific writer. At Social Sense, he has penned a great post worthy of some consideration. It is entitled, Creating Victims.

His writing skills come as no surprise to those of us that know him well. But the real news in this plug is, Mustang is now a blogger over at Townhall. Here is the same piece, posted there.

If you have the time, check them out at both sites, and if you desire, leave a comment or two.

And if you have a little one that has a birthday coming up soon, as his manager, I am now scheduling appearances by "Uncle Mustang". Forget the balloons, the prizes, and the gags. He offers more practical entertainment that is also educational.

He will teach the little ones how to field strip an M-16, throw a grenade, and fire an M-60 machine gun. And for a little more, he can show them how to properly clean and store an M-109 Howitzer artillery piece, per regulations. Worried about the mess afterward? No problem. "Uncle Mustang" will teach the children how organize an effective military-style police call to clean up the entire mess afterward. No fuss, no muss, just leave it all to us.

Don't wait too long, as dates are filling up fast.


Greg said...

I talked over the "Uncle Mustang" thing with the wife and she slapped me silly. Turns out our 6 year old and her friends are into princesses and ponies.

On the other hand, me and the guys....

LASunsett said...

Princesses and ponies. Seems like you are going to have some trouble with that child, Greg. As one who has raised a girl, princesses and ponies are going to mean trouble when she is 16.


Greg said...

Totally OT, but Bill Buckner is going to throw out the first pitch at the Fenway home-opener today. Should be fun to watch (on TV for me :( )