Wednesday, June 29, 2005

And Yet, Another Light Blogging Alert

For all of my readers, I must announce that my red-headed step-son is returning home from college for a few days, so blogging may be light.

The computer is centrally located in the family room, where the big screen is located. And that is precisely where the Play Station, XBox, or whatever the hell it is, gets set up. (It isn't easy blogging, when you hear constant rapid fire of high tech game weaponry, in surround sound.)

I will try to get as much up as possible, whenever he is gone visiting.

But, if you have missed some pieces I have posted in the past, like Political Yen/Yang: A Positive Message For Europe, now would be a good chance to catch up.

Meanwhile, I will be around from time to time, reading your blogs, and linking to them whenever possible. (So, do a good job and make my job easy okay?)


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