Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Principal Refuses To Allow Marine To Visit Class That Wrote Letters To Marines In Iraq.

I heard this on the Neal Boortz Show this morning and quite frankly, it irritates me to no end. So far nothing is in print, at least nothing that shows up on a search (as of yet). Please keep in mind that this is only one side of the story, but I have listened to Neal for years now and he usually does his homework before going out on a limb like this.

Here is the story in a nutshell:

A class at Carson Middle School in Greensboro, Georgia had been writing letters to some Marines, that were serving in Iraq. When one of the Marines got home, he asked the teacher if he could stop by the school to personally thank the students.

The teacher, Mr. Lund, then submitted the proper form requesting permission for an official visit from the Marine. Ulrica Corbett, the principal, allegedly told him that she was going to ignore it.

So, the teacher had the Marine come anyway. Ms. Corbett found out that the Marine was there on the property and headed both the teacher and the Marine off, before they got to the classroom and demanded that the Marine leave. She then had him officially escorted off of the premises, with no visit to the classroom. When the teacher asked her why, she allegedly replied that the proper paperwork had not be submitted. When the teacher told her that he had and that she had not even looked at it, she replied (again, allegedly), "That's your problem".

That's the story, now here is my take (assuming this is accurate):

I don't know about you, but this situation is one prime example why people are losing faith and confidence, in the public school systems. When you have educators that display this kind of contempt for military personnel, it's no wonder why some of these kids today, have little respect for much of anything.

If it were up to me, I would fire Ms. Ulrica Corbett without severance and without a reference. But since she most likely will hide behind the teachers' union, that most likely won't happen. If I were a resident of that school system, I would be at the next school board meeting making some noise.

I don't know where Ms. Corbett got her degrees from but if I were her, I would get my money back because she certainly didn't get her money's worth. I wouldn't let her teach my kids, I wouldn't let her manage a hot dog stand. In fact, I wouldn't let her teach my dog, dog tricks.

Free speech is one thing. I will not criticize Ms. Corbett's right to be against whatever she wants, whenever she wants. If she wants to be against the war in Iraq (or any other war for that matter), so be it. Many people have died for her to have that right. But when she abuses her position as an educator, to restrict and/or suppress the rights of her students and teachers under her, that is another story.

Update (June3, 6:40 PM)- the link to Neal Boortz's piece can now be accessed by clicking on the title.


Trevor said...

Firing her does sound palatable. I wish that examples of idiocy amongst our new socialist elite - the bureaucrostatists, would make bigger ripples in our social conversations.

LASunsett said...

If the MSM would get a hold of this and pound it into the ground like they did the Abu Ghraib story, she would be fired before it was through.