Thursday, April 14, 2005

Annan Blames US And UK

It's a crying shame. Click on this title for an article that irritates me.

The mighty UN, the all seeing and all powerful entity that holds the keys to peace in the world has failed the world, and its citizens. The glorious UN, the organization designed to settle international disputes is incompetent, corrupt, and scandalous, on its best day. It resembles nothing of what it was created for. It is not objective. It does not solve problems. It takes money and devours and it produces nothing in return.

Yet, there are proponents that turn a blind eye towards the misdeeds of their heroes.

And why not?

Chief Hero Annan, the biggest failure in UN history won't accept any responsibility for his ineffective management. If he was a CEO of a corporation, he would have been fired and brought up on charges. What do you want to bet he gets a medal, someday?

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