Friday, April 22, 2005

Can Benedict Convert Europe's Muslims?

Click on the title for an interesting article. I don't know how realistic it is or even how accurate it is. But one thing is for sure, if it is either, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

But then again, who would have ever thought in a million years that one Pope could help bring down the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact empire. He didn't do it alone, but it could not have been done without him.

My thinking is that JPII could have told the Cardinals before his death, to honor his longtime second in command by elevating him to the Papacy, after his death. He could have sold them on the idea that (then) Cardinal Ratzinger was old and could serve as a transitional pontiff (for a short period) to aid in the healing process. Once elected, maybe JPII left wishes that Benedict actively seek to convert Muslims, to prevent the church from losing its grip on Europe through Arab immigration. JPII was certainly a visionary of epic proportions and I am quite sure Benedict learned well from him.

To those that think church liberals will be seeping into the College of Cardinals anytime soon, think again. Benedict will soon be appointing cardinals to the College to elect his replacement. And, I somehow doubt he will appoint those that disagree with him very much.

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