Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ted Kennedy Marks One Year Anniversary Of Abu Ghraib With Speech

Can you actually believe it? Click on the title for a link to Ted Kennedy's speech marking this anniversary. I don't expect you to read the whole thing. It is long, it is monotonous, it is just another attempt to score political points. It is old news and it has been dealt with.

To blow something like this so far out of proportion demonstrates a huge lack of understanding of the world and makes him the laughing stock of intelligent life, everywhere. It also shows the degree of desperation of the opposition party and the lengths they will go to draw attention away from their lack of ideas and solutions.

I am still waiting to hear him condemn the beheadings by terrorists, not to mention the attacks on a democratically elected government. Where is his condemnation of the enemies of freedom and democracy? All we ever get from the Senator these days is scathing indictments of the administration, free from evidence and good sense.

Read the speech (if you can stay awake). He spoke a lot, but really didn't say a damned thing.

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