Monday, April 11, 2005

Telegraph Reports Possible Deal For Saddam's Life

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The Telegraph is reporting there could be a deal with the Sunnis which could lead to an end of the insurgency. But the big catch is, Saddam gets life in prison and not the death penalty. This will surely outrage a lot of people. I can hear it now.

Personally, I think that living in prison the rest of his life would be more of a punishment. Killing him only lets him out the misery and suffering of being bored to death. He who kept freedom from his people through brutality and oppression, should have his freedom taken away. That would be more humiliating to him, than allowing him to die. Let him see the growth of the Iraqi republic; let him seethe, as he sees democracy grow where he once suppressed any notion or thought of it.

To do so though, would not be without risks.

What if he were to attempt a comeback? What if someone springs him? How tight will security be in the new republic, after the Americans leave? Could it happen? Probably.

But would it? That's the crap shoot part of it.

Whatever happens, it will be up to the Iraqis to make that decision. They will have to live with it.

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