Saturday, April 02, 2005

Cardinals Ponder Successor To An Impact Leader

This pope will be a hard act to follow. John Paul II was an integral part in the ulimate demise of the Soviet Union and its Communist empire. As I have said in the past, I am not Catholic. But in the wide scope of things, this Pope did more to change the world than many political leaders ever have or ever will.

So what kind of Pope will succeed? Who knows.

Who would have thought that in 1978, a Polish Cardinal would break the tradition of Italian popes? So, it's anyone's guess. There already is much speculation and there will certainly will be more anticipation and prognostication, at the moment the votes are being cast. The article this post is linked to (click on title for link) gives us a rough idea of who might be in the running.

I wonder. Are the French seething because a Frenchman isn't mentioned?

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