Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Benedict XVI Risked Life To Desert From Hitler's Army

He's already been branded a Nazi by the left. His conservative theology has made him a target of those that want reform. The attacks will most likely continue for a while, but how long will depend on how Benedict XVI will connect with his flock. JPII was a staunch conservative on matters of doctrine, but he was well loved because he made a connection with those he led. Benedict will need to continue that.

The media has already highlighted his membership in the Hitler Youth and Nazi Army, to cast a shadow. What many of his detractors fail to realize is, when the Nazis required something they meant it (or else). What those same detractors can't say with any measure of truth is what they would have done, had they lived in that time, under Hitler. None of us can.

Anyway, click on the title for an interesting article on the new Pope and how he deserted.

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