Sunday, April 24, 2005

Five Year Old Cuffed By Police After School Outburst

Click on the title for an article about a five year old that was so disruptive and so destructive that it landed her in handcuffs and taken into custody by police. The report says it was almost entirely caught on tape, so there is no way the parents can say the school abused her.

But you watch, I'll bet some bleeding heart organization will try to blow this out of proportion and blame the school, anyway. The family's attorney has already begun the legal rhetoric. Since it was taped, any attorney that takes this case would be a fool. But then again, this happened in the rogue state of Florida. So who knows just what will happen?

Authorities need to take a moment and find out why this little girl of five cannot be controlled with discipline that the vast majority of five year olds respond to. Start with the parents.


Debashis said...

I hate to say this - but it seems that we have grown into an age where we spare the rod, spoil the child, and then cart them off to prison when they seriosuly get out of hand.

This particular incident is an extreme.

Now for most of us Gen-Y-ers, when we were growing up, if we did something wrong, we got spanked. These days, the laws are such that its a crime to discipline your kids. Should you strike your child to push a point home, chances are the child services will show up at your door and take your kids away - and they'll bill you for their efforts too! Now, I'm in no way in favor of child abuse, but there seems to be some lack of common sense in this regard - but then again, common sense is an oxymoron!

LASunsett said...

You said it well.

Keep in mind that this the behavior simmilar to a rebellious teenager, from a five-year old.

This kind of acting out is a symptom of something worse than just not spanking the poor child when she needed it.

Sexual abuse can trigger this kind of acting out, though. That needs to be looked at as a possibility.