Friday, April 15, 2005

Happy Tax Day

Yeah? Right. It's a happy one, alright.

Have ever noticed that election day is scheduled as far away from tax day, as they could get it? Have you ever wondered why? Do you think that we'd have any seniority in government? I know that if they held an election tomorrow, the way I feel now, I would vote against every damned elected official I have.

So I say, to all of those that don't need government assistance (and yet still get it because you are too lazy to get a job), to all of the politicians that spend our money like there is no tomorrow (and pad their own bank accounts in the process), and to all of the lazy and inefficient (but still draw a paycheck because you are in a union) federal workers; I hope all of you get a rash.

If you truly need the assistance, if you are one of the handful of semi-honest and caring politicians that really do try, or you are a hardworking, diligent federal worker; please disregard the aforementioned curse.

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VARepublicMan said...

A couple of years ago, a talk radio host put out the number that government spending equated to $6600 per person (Can't remeber if it was all government spending or just federal. Anyway...). With my family size, that equates to 80% of my gross salary. that means that someone else is paying a HUGE share of my responsibility. I don't like the idea that anyone else is paying for what I should be able to afford.

It just boggles the mind!