Monday, April 25, 2005

Another Update: Five Year Old Cuffed By Police After School Outburst

Five Year Old Cuffed By Police After School Outburst

It seems that this is the story that won't go away. The family's attorney won't let it.

Let's break this down:

1. The girl was not hurt.

2. The tape showed no evidence of wrongdoing.

3. The parents should let this be a lesson to the girl and use it as a valuable lesson on possible consequences to her actions.

But sadly enough, these parents do not care about the long-term development of this child. They only want to cry foul, when someone tries to do the job they aren't doing.


VARepublicMan said...

The parents mentality (suing before examining their role in the problem) is exactly what created the school environment that we have today.

I have four children and I would have been the one putting the cuffs on if they acted the way this little girl did. Throwing a tantrum in public always netted a quick swat. I don't know what I would have done if they had attempted to hit a teacher.

LASunsett said...

Things sure were different when I was a kid. If I would have gotten in trouble at school, I would have gotten in big trouble at home. The philosophy was believe the teacher first and foremost.

If I would have called the police on my dad when he hit me upside my head, they would have come out and hit me too. Also my dad knew the Mayor, one phone call and I could have been in jail.

I turned out okay.