Sunday, April 24, 2005

Update: Cuffed Five Year Old

I saw part of the tape aired on FOX just moments ago. Although she was not a danger to herself or others (remember, she's only five), the child was still out of control and not responding to any redirection, whatsoever. I saw no evidence of any wrongdoing by the educators.

One of the other contentions by the "take no responsibilty" parents in this case, is that the police should not have cuffed her. That's absurd.

Teachers and administrators do not have time to deal with each kid that can't be controlled and take away precious class time from other students and other affairs. You cannot drop the stack of plates, to catch the one is dropping. Likewise, I am sure that the police don't have time to sit and psychoanalyze an out of control five-year old, that the educators aren't having a lot of luck with. If the police hadn't cuffed her and the girl got hurt while being transported, then the bleeding heart apologists would have had a field day, not to mention the family's attorney.

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