Wednesday, March 22, 2006

American Idol Returns

I know, it's been back for awhile now, but that's not what I mean.

I took the last year off after watching the first three years because I thought the talent was declining with each passing year. In fact, I even began to wonder if they had already flushed out the best nobodies.

But this year, is an outstanding showcase of some real good talent. From my standpoint, it is the best group ever. And, if you haven't seen it this year because you were beginning to feel the way I did, you owe it to yourself to check it out. These kids are great.

Last night, all but one was worthy of moving on to the next round. And two really stood out. One was Mandisa and the other was Chris Daughtry. It was 50s Night and Chris took a huge risk in taking Johnny Cash's, "I Walk The Line" and molded into an alternative song. And, he did it masterfully. I am not a big altenative fan as a rule, but he did it so well, I think he could release the song tomorrow and be a hit. As for Mandisa? She's awesome, both with vocals, performance, and appeal.

The rest are pretty darned good too. You have to be to get to this level. But someone has to go tonight, I predict it will be Bucky.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

This is my first year watching Idol. We caught the first night and was having such fun with the tryouts, we came back again and have been hooked. It is completely different than I expected. Also, one of my recent time sappers. But we record it so we can blow past the commercials.

I think you are right about Bucky. Just about everybody else seems to have a strong fan base regardless of talent. Of course all that are left have good talent, but not equally.

The bottom three should be Kevin, Ace and Bucky but I think the Ace fans got a jolt last week and probably dialed their fingers off.

I hope that Lisa escapes the bottom 3. She did not really shine last night, but she is one of my favorites. She seems to have one of the weaker fan bases for some strange reason.

I have really enjoyed Kevin as a human being and for his effort. I hope he makes top 10, but it is getting a little obvious he should go.

While Chris' genre does not fall in my musical tastes, his talent cannot be denied. Same with Taylor. I just don't like hearing what he sings, but I know he has a lot of talent.

Pickler and Ace are flatline for me. Nothing appealing in either one.

My top 3 predicts are Chris, Katherine, and Taylor. Katherine is a lot like my wife in looks and performance style so of course she is my favorite to win.

LASunsett said...

Any that get this far are good, on that, there is no doubt. And all may get a contract from someone. But, the winner must be versatile, yet remain true to their musical roots ans who they are. Those you mentioned appear to be doing just that.