Friday, March 03, 2006

Weekend Meme

Before now, I have never participated in a Meme. But have always enjoyed reading the good ones, the ones that interested me. I believe that when someone does a meme, they reveal a little something about themselves. It's nothing major though. It's just a little self-disclosure without being too personal.

Now I suspect by now, GM probably has me pretty much psychoanalyzed. And Mustang has had probably had my handwriting from the Christmas card I sent him, analyzed, as well. So, there is little I will tell them about myself, in any silly little meme that I can throw together. But not all people have the resources that Mustang and GM have at their fingertips. So I will post a silly little meme, because I am bored and am thoroughly sick of reading the same crap as last year.

Katrina blah blah blah, WMDs blah blah, Abu Ghraib blah blah blah, over and over again. It wouldn't be so bad if the press would put some emphasis on things that really count. It would be helpful to hear and read stories about reality, good or bad. Instead, we hear and read large amounts of negativity for negativity's sake.

But, you know the drill. If not, let me help.

Never in my many years of following politics, has there been an opposition that has been so dedicated to be so vicious and vindictive with a sitting president, as they have been with Bush. He has his faults, has made his mistakes, and he deserves to be criticized based on his policies. But the outlandish accusations that he has been forced to endure, has reached an all time low, for any president in the history of our nation.

Don't get me wrong here. I remember the way the GOP acted when Clinton won. They were a bitter bunch, to be sure. Personally, I was disappointed in Clinton, mostly for policy reasons. But I also think that he should have never pointed his finger and said "I did not have sex with that woman". He should have told the truth, said he was sorry, and moved on. Long story short, problem solved. No impeachment. No perjury trial.

I didn't like Carter. I served under him in the Army and believe me when I say that he was every bit as inept of a Commander-in Chief, as he has been portrayed. The morale of the miltary on his watch, had to be at an all-time low. Both his foreign and domestic policies were disastrous failures.

But with all of my disappointments and all of my disgreements with these men, I cannot ever remembering calling either one of them a criminal, a terrorist, or an idiot. I reserve those names for the real criminals, the real terrorists, and the real idiots. (Ted Kennedy qualifies in two of those categories) And, I do not remember calling for impeachment on a daily basis. I didn't even call for Nixon's impeachment and I did not call for Clinton's, either. So, it very much disheartens me that this has descended into an abyss of hate-filled discourse, so much that some day, it will be hard to find good candidates because they will not want to be part of the character assassination game that comes with it.

And the biggest assassin? The MSM. Since Watergate, the media has had this over-inflated sense of importance and have been legends in their own minds (SEE: David Gregory) and they have sought to drag down a president for ratings, circulation, and personal gain.

So, as I promised here's a silly little meme that means a hell of a lot more right now, than the garbage being manufactured at news desks across the country (but not much more):


1. Paul McCartney

2. Rolling Stones

3. The Who

4. Pink Floyd

5. Jethro Tull

6. U2

7. Queen

8. Electric Light Orchestra

9. Black Oak Arkansas

10. Grand Funk Railroad

Nobody has been tagged. Play if you want.


A.C. said...

That's impressive, the only group from your list I've seen are the Rolling Stones. I wouldn't put them as number one on mine, but only because we were sitting so far away that Jagger looked like a dot. Funny, that was in the early 80s and they were supposedly nearing retirement then.

LASunsett said...

Had a chance to see Zeppelin in Frankfurt, the thing sold out too fast. They didn't have ticketmaster back then. I figured I'd catch them the next tour.

You can guess the rest. The drummer died, they broke up, no go.

Always On Watch said...

Well, I am embarrassed to admit it, but I've been to only one rock concert. A few years ago, I went to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Guess I lead a deprived life!

Other concerts I've been to:

1. Frank Sinatra--twice, the second time with Sammy Davis, Jr. on the stage as well. Davis died about a year later.

2. Henry Mancini--twice, conducting the National Symphony Orchestra.

But I was a part of many classical concerts, 1965-1968, when I belonged to a quite famous choral group. I particularly loved three works we performed: Handel's Messiah, Mozart's Requiem, and Kodaly's Missa Brevis. For this last one, one of our performances was recorded to use at Jose Limon's ballet performance at the Nixon White House.

LASunsett said...

AOW, you have the same musical tastes as my wife. I like anything except rap and heavy metal. But rock is by far my favorite. I guess I was just a rebel. ;)

A.C. said...

Actually, being from the south I was into country rock back in my youth, and remember the Marshall Tucker Band as one of the best live acts I've seen. Saw them with the Allman Brothers, who were half drunk and generally stunk. Saw Eric Clapton in Cleveland, he was excellent.

I admit to seeing Tom Jones in Vegas one time, but the ticket was free. :-)

LASunsett said...

Believe it or not, I would love to see Tom Jones. I hear he puts on a hell of a show. Neil Diamond is another one.

I have seen Marshal Tucker, Wet Willie, and Charlie Daniels (Charlie twice). Charlie puts on a great show too. The Allman Bros. are a good act, but as you say they like to get drunk before performances, as opposed to during them like Charlie does.

Always On Watch said...

AOW, you have the same musical tastes as my wife.

All that classical music training, I guess.