Friday, March 03, 2006

Houston...We Have A Problem....In Tulsa

I heard this on Boortz yesterday while in the car. (His site is down or I'd link to him) From KOTV 6, comes this story that you haven't heard a lot about (if any at all) in the national MSM, because it embarasses Democrats.
Election records show that one of Tulsa's mayoral candidates voted twice in a presidential election. Democratic candidate Kathy Taylor denies the accusation - but state records in Florida and Oklahoma show the votes, one by absentee, the other in person, for the 2000 election.

Isn't it fun studying the behavior of this phenomenon, known as the MSM? Time and time again, we see that they ignore current events to revisit past blunders and beat them like a dead horse. So, this story gets buried in local coverage, while they actively seek any potential negative stories on Republicans.

Take this week's revisiting of Katrina, for instance. Instead of embarassing a Democrat that apparently has commited voter fraud, they choose to pile on the Administration, on something that was not entirely their responsibility to start with. Don't get me wrong, they share in the failures. But, the overt failures of Gov. Blanco and Mayor Nagin are rarely revisited, when the news is slow.

Anyway, looks like even Drudge missed this one. Unless I missed it, I do not even remember seeing it anywhere.


A.C. said...

An aquaintance blogger friend here in Memphis just reported on a voter fraud situation where more than one person voted from the same address. That got him thinking, 'wonder if anyone has voted under my name from my old address' (in a different state). He checked and sure enough he was still registered to vote in his old state at his previous address, fortunately no one had voted for him.

Nobody had notified his old state when he re-registered here. That task can't be the responsibility of the voter, for obvious reasons.

This to me suggests we have a bigger problem with election fraud than we know. It doesn't manifest itself until a close election shows up, but we need a national effort to clean it up.

Always On Watch said...

Good find! And, of course, nothing in the MSM.

I agree with A.C. and am willing to bet that a lot of voter fraud goes on. Not as much as identity theft, but significant, IMO.

LASunsett said...

Well, AC. The dead have been voting in elections for years, so this comes as little surprise.

AOW, voter fruad probably doesn't generate as much cash flow, as identity theft.