Thursday, March 09, 2006

French Unemployment Remains High Among Younger People

As the title says, France still has some problems with unemployment, especially among the twenty something workforce. The CSM has the details. (Hat Tip to Gindy on this one)

To shed a little more light (from a French view) on this, check out the post, by Super Frenchie.

Me? I think that any solution is going to require an overhaul of economic thinking, with risk as key component. I explain further in my comment to SF's post.

UPDATE: Here is a breaking story from the AFP.

LE MANS, France (AFP) - An unemployed teacher took 18 students, a teacher and another man hostage at gunpoint at a high school in western France.

Whether or not the unemployed status of this man plays into the motive or not, remains to be seen. But I wouldn't discount it. Some people do desperate things, when they have no purpose in life. And a job does fulfill one purpose in a multi-faceted life.

UPDATE II - All's well. Standoff ended with hostages unharmed.


Esther said...

We seem to have an entire generation incapable of making their way through adversity, problems with handling frustration and just plain dealing! We're in for some trouble.

LASunsett said...

Part of them are as you say. But there is a part that is stepping up to the plate and doing the work in Iraq and Afghanistan, by laying their lives on the line.

But the interesting thing in all of this is, Muslim nations are having similar trouble with their young people.