Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time For "March Madness"

Everyone that has an ounce of consciousness and/or awareness in this country must know that it's "March Madness" time, in America. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is about to begin. And judging from responses (or the lack of) I usually get from the (ever so) occasional sports posts, I realize I should keep this brief.

The one team to watch is, Ohio State, the #2 seed in the Minneapolis Regional.

It's not because I think they will necessarily go all the way, mind you. But the significant thing to note about OSU's team is about next year. Greg Oden (the 7' center from the Indianapolis area's Lawrence North High School and best HS player in the country), along with an excellent guard by the name of Michael Conley (from the same team), will be playing for Thad Matta's Buckeyes. And although the Bucks will graduate most of the starters from this season, the deeper they go, the more experience the underclass bench can get in the "big dance".

I predict that next year, they will dominate the Big Ten and possibly the entire NCAA, after Oden and Conley adjust to the college game. These guys are good and they know each other well, which will make it easier, in the team chemistry department.

But as for this year, let the office "bracket pools" begin.


A.C. said...

My favorite time of year--March madness and baseball spring training. Golf season and Masters around the corner. It's great to be in America!

BTW, Ohio State is a good dark horse, but there are others. Would be great to have a Cinderella win the whole thing this year..

LASunsett said...


I would think you would be all gung ho for Memphis. They, along with Villanova have been the surprise teams teams this year. Of course Duke always is the media darling at the beginning, and the end. But if Duke would win every year they were picked to go all the way, they'd have UCLA's title record beat, by now.

PS - I have been following the NCAA tourney, since I was a boy living in San Bernardino. Then, it was known as the UCLA Invitational.

A.C. said...

I'm just old enough to remember Wooden's years, LA. But yeah, living in Memphis you'd think I'd be on the Tiger bandwagon. Will be rooting them on, but since not raised here the tiger blood isn't as deep. Also, don't really consider them a cinderella due to their history in the tournament before the 90s. I was thinking of someone like Bucknell--a real long shot.

Oh boy, my Memphis friends are gonna hang me in effigy now.