Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Some Fast Paced News For A Tuesday

When the news is slow it's hard to get inspired, but when it gets faster, it gets difficult to decide what to post. But, throw in some time constraints to that equation and you will find the decision to be an easy one. Post the old montage, throw in a few comments, and then call it a post.

So here we go:

The Big Story

Today, French unions participated in a general strike that crippled transportation in that country and spurred massive protests throughout. This is something that just does not seem like something that is going away, at least not anytime soon. Being a market capitalist, I cannot agree with the students, because I strongly believe that market driven is better than regulation any day. And that includes labor.

But I know that when a society has been highly dependent on socialist labor laws for many years, it's going to be a tough sell to convince those that were looking forward to a certain way of life, that this new way is going to be better.

President Bush Picks Bolten to Replace Card

This comes as no surprise, but I would caution that this should in no way be regarded as some big deal. One position change does not constitute a shake-up. Additionally, this job is not one targeted by the Democrats in their daily rantings. But I am sure they'll take it and will call for more.

Pope Wants To Visit China

The Vatican announced today that Pope Benedict is hoping to visit China soon. If it does happen, it will be interesting to see just how the Chinese leadership will receive him, seeing how the Chinese are officially atheist. They tolerate some religion, but mostly churches that do not get involved too much, in government and in politics. it is interesting to note that far-western China is Muslim. Jihad has yet to come to China, but I believe that it will at some point down the road.

Australia Braces For Another Cyclone

I can hear it now, Allah is wroth with Australia for not allowing Sharia law on its soil. How utterly horrible it is, to think that Australia would want to remain Australian. Brace yourselves Aussies, we Americans feel for you.

Olmert Declares Victory In Israeli Elections

He says he is ready to cede more land. But the interesting thing to note is, Barak gave the Palestinians everything they wanted except Jerusalem, they rejected it. So, what's next, Jerusalem?


Always On Watch said...

I can hear it now, Allah is wroth with Australia for not allowing Sharia law on its soil.

Allah, Allah, Allah; yada yada yada. Any excuse to find fault with a Western nation.

Shah Alexander said...

Big news? There is.

Tony Blair said Iraq and Afghanistan tested the value of global democracy on his visit to Canberra. (IHT, March 28)

Now, a converted Christian is on the verge of execution in Afghanistan.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

I think if somebody in the administration had dropped dead of a heart attack the Dems and media would still be thinking it was the beginning of a shake-up. Chief of Staff is not the greatest position to hold for too long and I think he is going to help Mitt Romney with his presidential aspirations.

LASunsett said...




I heard this story, it has received much coverage, albeit not a whole lot in the MSM.

It's quite puzzling to me how some people cannt embrace freedom, properly.


I suspect you are right. I think this was planned for awhile. They have held off for the purpose of not making it look like a shake-up and giving the Dems an opportunity to be able to say, they forced this.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Now if the cook and the gardner leave we will know there is a shakeup.

LASunsett said...

Now if the cook and the gardner leave we will know there is a shakeup.

LMAO (and I am envious that you thought of that one, first)