Friday, March 17, 2006

Easy Home Abortions: By Molly

From the Molly Saves The Day blog comes the post, For the women of South Dakota: an abortion manual. I spoke of this very thing just last week in my post entitled, Will Banning Abortion Usher In A New Era Of Prohibition?

What we have here is the beginning of the underworld black market trade in abortions. But, please understand that this is only the beginning. This is the training phase for all of the butchers that will soon be surfacing like a swarm of cockroaches. For right now, it's going to be centered in South Dakota, but as more states are emboldened to make this acute move, they will spread. This is just tip of iceberg status, wait until young desperate girls and women start getting sterile, septic, and dead.

This is why I say, keep it legal and treat it on the demand side, not the supply side. They will find ways to get them, legal or not.

Make no mistake, this Molly is despicable. Putting this on the internet so anyone that is impressionable can see it and possibly try something like this, has to be a real sick individual. And I am not altogether sure that this is criminal or not, but that aspect of this post certainly should be looked at.

But at very least, there will be some blood on her hands, before this thing is all over. Maybe, someday, when it is known that someone did this as a result of her how-to-do-it instructions, she will be held responsible in both criminal and civil court.

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Always On Watch said...

Talk about a misuse of the Internet!

A.C. said...

The courts need to just deem a fetus a human being and be done with it. If that's not gonna happen, they need to leave abortion intact and try to win hearts and minds via the church or other programs. Adults need to set better examples, and it would help if fathers stayed around long enough to weild the shotgun like the old days.

But as you say LA, this is going to set up a cottage industry that might end up being dangerous to the young girls going after the procedures under the cover of anonymity.

superfrenchie said...

There's an interesting perspective in today's (Saturday) Wall Street Journal, titled Abortion Nation. It suggests abortion in the US should be more regulated, as it is in Europe.

I can't provide a link as it is subscription only, but here is a link to the cover page.