Monday, March 20, 2006

Third Term For Bush?

Well, not exactly.

Fred Barnes explains how the Bush Administration can make the last two years of his Presidency look like a third term, by shaking things up a little.

From a strategy standpoint, it's a crap shoot. Doing it does not guarantee an instant rise in popularity. In short, it does not come without risk. If he does shake things up a bit, some will say that he put his finger into the wind and reacted to the wind shift, too easily. The Dems will claim that the changes indicate that he is backtracking and responding to heavy media pressure, which has been predicting changes and trumpeting them, loudly. They will also say that he is playing to the polls, something he hasn't done much of during his watch.

I am not sure that it will happen. It may happen to some degree, but not as pronounced as what Mr. Barnes is recommending. But Mr. Barnes is certainly more in the loop than me. So, I guess this is just another classic case of "what do I know?".

Real Clear Politics


A.C. said...

I think the dems and their friends in big media would play such a thing to the hilt, especially with an election around the corner. It would largely be spun as an admission of failure rather than a fresh beginning. But then again, I know as much as you do.. :-)

LASunsett said...

Well said AC, that is precisely why I say that it is a crap shoot. Not only that, the ones trying to lobby for the change are the MSM and to some degree the Dems. It could very well be that this is a strategy to discredit Bush even more than they tried to do so, in the past.

He wouldn't win their favor, even if he did every last thing they wanted him to do.