Sunday, March 12, 2006

Anti-Bush Movies To Continue

Reuters is reporting that a new anti-Bush movie is soon to be made. The Hollywood elitists appear to believe that this could very well be a money-making trend.

Naturally, I would advise them to think twice about it. Besides that, I would inform them that if they ignore my advice to think twice, then they need to make damned sure they keep their budgets low. Because if they don't, they may be underestimating the spending power of conservatives. When massive amounts of dollars are taken from one entertainment medium and switched to another, recovering costs of a high budget propanganda piece may be difficult.

Overall, box office sales have plummeted in recent years. But they might drop even further, if enough people quietly decide to spend their money on other things.


A.C. said...

This shows how twisted Hollywood has become. Where were the feature movies during Clinton's years about Vince Foster or Ron Brown? Or HIS bungling of Bin Laden in Sudan?

I'm right with you, LA. If these clowns start making reality-based conspiracy movies trashing the CIC with threats still in existance, they need to be boycotted or worse.

Always On Watch said...

As far as I'm concerned, the cost of going to the movies today is too high to put up with Hollywood's propagandizing. In fact, movies have deteriorated so far that I've nearly lost interest altogether. I know lots of other people who feel the same way. Unfortunately, the future voters of America attend movies and believe what they see on the screen.

At the rate Hollywood is going, some of the studios may go bankrupt!

LASunsett said...

Just curious, what would you say is your meaning of "worse", in this instance?

LASunsett said...


I hear you. I think that Hollywood's slump is due to:

1. The propagandizing liberal Hollywood elitists' attitudes

2. The poor quality of films.

Once in a blue moon, my wife and I will rent a movie, but most of the time we are too busy and too hyper, to sit for two hours straight.

A.C. said...

Just curious, what would you say is your meaning of "worse", in this instance?

Well, on reflection I kinda went overboard. Boycotting is probably all we can do, but I was thinking more like investigating. I can't imagine Hollywood filmakers making anti-FDR movies during world war II. This isn't the same kind of war, but the difference in attitude and support is rather stark.