Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gingrich: WaPo Misses The Mark (But What's New?)

From WaPo comes this rebuttal by Newt Gingrich, of a Feb. 13 newspaper editorial.

I didn't read the editorial in question (about the military under Rumsfeld), but knowing the Post as I have come to know them, I am not surprised that Newt felt some things had to be corrected. It's a good essay. It isn't long and is worth a full read.

Here is a snippet worthy of some reflection and consideration (emphasis is mine):

The Post wrongly asserts that "Mr. Rumsfeld essentially proposes to reinforce and perpetuate the greatest single mistake of his tenure, which was failing to deploy enough soldiers to win the wars the United States has taken on." In fact, there is no evidence that more troops would have accomplished anything more than what was accomplished in Afghanistan.

The mistake in Iraq was not keeping the Iraqi regular army intact to assume the responsibility of policing in June 2003.

This is one area that is deserving of criticism. Yet, we hear every last accusation tied to any conspiracy theory being leveled, but not a word about something that is valid. Any looney-toon comments issued by Harry Belafonte, Michael Moore, or any other MoveOn.Org cult member, are sure to get exposure in the MSM. But, they let the real actions deserving of criticism, go unnoticed.

In fact, if there were just two mistakes made during the Iraqi operation that I would be allowed to highlight to the Bush Administration, one would be not keeping the Iraqi army intact (after firing the upper echelon officers, of course). The other was getting on that ship and proclaiming "mission accomplished".

But, rather than analyzing strategic and tactical decisions (as they relate to their outcomes), the MSM and the bitter/vindictive left (both having very little knowledge or understanding of the military) choose to redebate the reasons for going to war. They keep choosing to revisit moot issues for the sole purpose of political gain.

Maybe someone (that they will listen to) should tell them, that argument is over; and there are now more pressing issues at hand that need attention, if we are to move the country forward. The handful of reasonable Democrats that still exist need to take the lead now, and begin to move the dialogue toward a future tense, rather than living in the past. (We need a loyal opposition, all we have is a party of hypocritical prosecutors.)

If they do not take this advice, losing more elections will become a pattern for them.

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