Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol Season Ends

Well, pretty much everyone in the world that cares to know, now knows the winner. Taylor beat out Kat. Between those two, I think the better contestant won based on the performances Tuesday night. Taylor's last song smashed Kat's, to pieces. Taylor's song was more of a question for his fans, friends and family. Kat's was more of a look at me, vote for me, this is my dream. But the young innocent girls that live in their Harlequin romance novel and fantasy worlds, were not enough to carry her in the end. Those that know sincerity and saw the real love of music in Taylor and could feel it everytime he sang (even though he may have butchered it, like he did Levon) voted.

But as I have written before, who knows?

Seriously, I think the show should be more forthcoming about the votes and how they breakdown. I think it's a bit fishy that sometimes they tell you, and other times they don't. Who really knows for sure? I mean, I understand that it's entertainment. I know that they can do what they want in entertainment. But, if something is billed as a contest with millions and millions of fans buying into it with their money, it should be legitimate and they demonstrate that it is. That's all.

I could be wrong, though. It could all be on the level. But, they should have it, open and candid. If not, just let the judges decide and forget the damned voting. But you know that won't happen. The lost revenues in the vote calls would be huge and not only that, people would probably lose interest in it, altogether. No audience participation would signal the end of it, I am afraid.

Look, if you are going to do something and people are going to spend their time and money, making you money, I would expect to it to be fair and on the level.

Anyway, it's over. And I think, it was the best ever. I do not know if I will watch next year, or not. That's a decision I won't lose a lot of sleep over, in the meantime. But I do think that it is odd that of all of the posts I write (with many on some very serious topics),
this one I wrote a week ago, still gets the bulk of my hits.

Maybe, I should write on entertainment. Maybe Entertainment or Showbiz Yen/Yang?


Forget I ever said that.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

I must say that Taylor's performances during the results show were the first time I really fully appreciated him. That may seem strange to you, but while I knew Taylor could sing and had talent I did kindof view Taylor like the comments of Simon and Wedding performer.

I started to see him beyond that in his 3rd song Tuesday and then during the results show he really showed versatile talent.

I also felt that almost all of those in the results show exhibited a cut above their previous performances including Kat. I was actually impressed with "pinchy cheeks" Kevin. I liked him and hoped he would stay in as long as he did because I got a kick out of him. But he actually did great Wed.

My actual favorite of all was Lisa Tucker who was eliminated prematurely. She also did great last night.

While I feel that Kat is the better singer with higher potential than Taylor, based on Tuesday night she was not quite there.

Congrats on your fav winning.

gandalf said...

Strange is it not, the less serious the post the more hits you get, that happens on my site too.

the comments increase as well, I think it is a "feeling safe" concept.

People will comment if they feel safe in doing so, if there is a prospect of a challenge to thier comment on a serious issue then they are less likely to comment, they do not wish to be exposed.

This is sad because if they feel threatened in anonymity then it is no wonder that the public does not voice how it feels publicly, either en mass or idividually.

Having sais that, it is also fair to say that as the hits go up for
a light hearted post then they will read the important stuff as well and that IS GOOD, if we can fuel the debate, change one persons view, then we have done what we set out to do, we have given informed choice.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

I didn't feel all that safe commenting on this topic. The last time I commented on Idol, LA in a rare moment disagreed with me. It was all I could do to muster up another go :)

LASunsett said...


Congrats on your fav winning.

Actually, I Chris was my favorite.

LASunsett said...

Hi Gandalf,

if there is a prospect of a challenge to thier comment on a serious issue then they are less likely to comment

Anybody that posts anything, in a reasonable and civil manner is allowed to leave a comment here. And, I never have cared if the commenter agreed with me or not.

When someone does disagree with me, sometimes I choose to engage in a debate, sometimes I don't.

For instance, I let this comment by AICS stand without debate:

While I feel that Kat is the better singer with higher potential than Taylor


gandalf said...


I was not criticising you merely commenting on the probability that
people tend not to comment or make bold statements if they are unsure of thier knowledge base of the subject thus exposing themselves to
what they may percieve as ridicule.

Most blogs, yours included, treat comments in an adult manner and see answering comments as an opportunity to edify and encourage discourse, some others do not, the chance to make somebody look and feel stupid is too much for them to resist

LASunsett said...

Hi Gandalf,

I was not criticising....

Oh, I know. I was mainly setting up that jab I poked at AICS ;)

All_I_Can_Stands said...

LA, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on the Kat / Taylor debate.