Monday, May 15, 2006

Third Lacrosse Player Indicted Says He Is Innocent

From WRAL comes this report, with a hat tip to Drudge.

The thing to note here is the defense attorney allowed his client to speak. There must be an awful ot of evidence the defense is sitting on, because they all sound confident, very confident. And quite frankly, the more I hear about the evidence that has been made available to the media, the more I am inclined to believe that this is just another Tuwanna Brawley case that has been taken too far.

Skeptical? Then, think about this a minute. The evidence that has been presented in the media so far, is highly stacked against this accuser. Credible alibis, no matching DNA, stories changing, past accusations, and so on, are making this look like this is nothing more than a grandstanding DA, running for re-election. That's all.

He has to dig in now, he has no other choice. He's carried this way farther than an average experienced DA would have dreamed of. To reverse himself now, would be political suicide. Radical elements have fueled this from the beginning and Mr. Nifong has rode this wave, high. They know he needs their support and he is placating them, solely for that purpose.

What will you bet that after the November election the charges get dropped?

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