Saturday, May 13, 2006

McCain Gives Commencement Speech At Liberty University.

The Boston Globe has an interesting article analyzing the rationale behind John McCain's commencement speech, at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.

Let's not fool ourselves here. Not only does McCain need the religious right, they need him too. If the Republicans want to have as close to an assurance they will retain control of the White House as they possibly can, John McCain is their best bet. And many on the right know it.

But that does not mean, no one can win but him. They can. But, they will have a more difficult time of it, mainly because of McCain's appeal to centrists on both side of the aisle. Not all Republicans could have that kind of effect, many are polarizing figures (whether the distinction is deserved or not). And, many just don't stand the chance of standing up to the test of running against the Dems' "leftist" or "leftist-turned-centrist-for-the-election" candidate, because of the anti-incumbency sentiment that is growing.

Maybe, just maybe, Jerry Falwell realizes there are a lot of things that could be worse than a John McCain presidency. Maybe his fear of a Hillary White House will cause him to think twice about digging into a trench on certain things, in 2008.


Always On Watch said...

I'm not sure that getting an endorsement from Falwell will improve McCain's standing in the larger conservative voting-base. Falwell himself is certainly not a centrist, and centrist votes will be need to elect McCain.

IMO, McCain is better than Hillary, but his buddy-buddy relationship with His Bloatedness (aka Teddy Kennedy) sours me enough that I can't wholeheartedly vote for McCain. I'd cast a vote against Hillary, of course, but I wouldn't be happy to vote FOR McCain. And his choice of VP matters a lot as well. McCain has the matter of cancer hanging over him.

LASunsett said...

McCain has the matter of cancer hanging over him.

I think you are right, his health will likely be an issue. If he were elected, he may only be able to serve one term, so his choice of VP would be very important.

But, he hasn't got the nomination yet. That's a long way off.

Shah Alexander said...

Among presidential candidates, I am interested in John McCain. He can be one who would expand US commitment while restoring its reputation abroad.

Neocons evaluate him high.

LASunsett said...


McCain is not particularly popular with the right wing of the GOP. Getting the nomination will be very tough, without fences being mended. That is why I chose to comment on McCain's commencement address at a university founded by one of the bigger players in the right wing of the GOP, Jerry Falwell. The religious right plays a major force in GOP politics.