Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is Massaoui Worthy Of Death?

I would say, yes. If anyone is worthy of it, he is.

But, he will spend the rest of his life in a cell and that, will be no picnic. If it were up to me, I'd put him in the general population and see how long he'd last. My guess would be, not very long. But for his protection, he will most likely segregated from the general population. That means for the rest of his life he will live in a box, where the walls will close in on him, daily.

Death is too quick, too humane for this rat. He is 37 years old, so he stands to live a long life in a nasty cell, listening to the rantings and tauntings of other insane killers day in and day out, and he will eat the worst food in the world. Even in our worst days, we can at least say we have hope. But he will have none.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

He should get a big cellmate named Bubba.

Or better yet, maybe he will get "Dahmered"

Mustang said...

I think that the rest of his life behind bars would be a perfect sentence IF and ONLY IF he felt remorse for what he did. His words and actions do not seem to indicate any of that. Maybe that will change in another 37 years, and maybe not.

I'm not sure I agree with those who say that a life sentence sends the right message to our enemy; do we really think that benevolence on our part changes any of their radical mindset? I think not. Besides, clemency is something that pertains to civilized peoples, not barbarians. Last, are we at war, or not? If we are at war, let's start acting like it.

One final note: A life sentence in prison may be exactly why military tribunals were established at off-shore locations. We must have justice, and I'm not sure our legal system cares as much about justice as it does the appearance of fairness.

LASunsett said...

Mustang, I agree with you on life imprisonment sending the wrong message. As I said, he is worthy of death. You probably know where I stand on the death penalty for citizens, but I do not have a problem with it in a time of war, especially against those that harm or try to harm our country. The only pre-requiste I have, is that he die by firing squad and not be put to sleep quietly.

I do not think it matters whether he repents or not. I highly doubt, he ever will. He will die a bitter and hateful man, to the end.

But when the prisoners flood the range with sewage water, when he can't take a walk, when he has to stay in a box without human contact, and when he eats the garbage they serve day in day out, he will suffer. I know I would. When he gets old and needs good sound medical care, he will get the lowest form of an HMO, if that much.

Life is not going to be too great for him. Yes, he will be breathing our air. Yes, he will be consuming our food.

But from my perspective, I would much rather be dead. He said he wanted to die, maybe it was to be a martyr, maybe it was because he was trying to psyche the jury out, with some reverse psychology. Who knows? Who cares?

I hope he lives long and rots with lice, over a long weekend or two because they only treat emergencies, after normal business hours. I hope he bangs his head against the wall so they can strip him out and put him in a water tank cell, naked for 24 hours (or a long weekend), so he won't harm himself.

And the luckiest guy in all of this? The lead man on the extraction team. I am sure he will be needed and will make his presence known to him, in due time.

Always On Watch said...

At taxpayers' expense, Moussaoui will get food and medical care. He'll also get his prayer rug and his Koran.

Have you read Robert Spencer's take on the life sentence? One of Spencer's commentaries is here. Excerpt:

...he can spend his life recruiting for jihad. But, but, you will say, if he had been executed, he would have been a martyr. Not so! In fact, Paradise is promised only to those who "slay and are slain" for Allah (Qur'an 9:111), not to those who die an ignominious death at the hands of Infidel corrections officers.

Spencer's article in FPM is here.

And, not unexpectedly, I agree with my friend Mustang's comment. Furthermore, the softness of a life sentence imposed by infidels is further proof of Western weakness to the sons of allah.

LASunsett said...


At taxpayers' expense, Moussaoui will get food and medical care. He'll also get his prayer rug and his Koran.

Very true. But it will be cheaper than paying exorbitant fees to appeal his death sentence, to a bunch of lawyers and all at taxpayers' expense.

But as I said, the food will be horrible and the medical care will not be very good, either. AND, I would still love to be the point man on the extraction team. I'd pay for that honor.