Saturday, May 06, 2006

Weekend Funnies

Normally, when someone leaves a drive by comment promoting their own site, I ignore it. And, if it looks like spam, I delete it. But today, a commenter named Subcomandante Bob left this one:

News of hope for the Kennedy family in DC, as only National Nitwit can present.

Check it out. But do be aware that it is R-rated and does have adult language that is not appropriate for work, or the eyes of kids.


Subcomandante Bob said...

Bless your heart, and we apologize for the "drive-by." We try to keep any pseudo-spam at least relevant to the discussion.

LASunsett said...

No prob, Bob.

You had two things going for you.

1. It was on-topic.

2. It was very funny.

That's enough criteria to make the cut.


Good job, sir.