Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dobbs: Radical groups taking control of immigrant movement.

CNN's Lou Dobbs who is an outspoken critic of illegal immigration has said what many of us have recognized for a long time now. By now, many people have heard of the theory put forth by Charles Truxillo a professor of Hispanic studies at the University of New Mexico. Keep in mind that this was put forth six years ago. And in six years, how much closer is this to reality, than it was then?

Let's check out what Lou says:

As Gutierrez told us on my show, "The time has come...where we need to stand up and make a statement. We need to do what the American people did when they pulled away from the British crown. And I am sure that back in those days many people were concerned that was radical action."

Just how significant is the impact of leftists within the illegal immigration movement? It is no accident that they chose May 1 as their day of demonstration and boycott. It is the worldwide day of commemorative demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and even anarchic organizations.

If Lou is right (and I think he is), the spirit of Marx, Mao, and Lenin seem to be alive and well today; and is taking up modern present-day causes with the underlying objective of turning this country into a more leftist society. A society of mob rule. This present cause of allowing the reconquista of portions of the southwestern USA, has been talked about for much longer than just lately.

But now that we know the source of the unrest, what should we do?

As I have said earlier, 81% of the people are getting restless with the stubborn lack of action from their elected officials. They just cannot seem to take this situation seriously enough. But, this issue will not go away. 81% pretty much constitutes a mandate in political terms and knowing how much they all love polls in an election year, it's hard to imagine why they are not acting faster.

They have forgotten the old principle of, for every action there is a reaction.

Let me explain.

First, let's go back to pre-Mussolini Italy. Leftist elements were at work there. Mobs took over factories and made them theirs. But as they soon found out, they could not run them effectively and eventually they had to shut them down. People quickly began to see that this wasn't the way to go, after years of chaos (due to the mobs) and they reacted. The same holds true of the Weimar Republic, before Hitler. They too reacted to chaos and uncertainty and with what? More mob rule. It was a different mob, but it was a mob nonetheless. The first mob was the action and the second group was the reaction.

Today, we see the chaos of today with this issue and it's not hard to figure out that the same thing can and will happen again, if the U.S. government doesn't seriously look to put an end to the come one, come all policy. There will be a reaction just the same as there was a reaction then. Just look and you will see that
the waters are already starting to spin. And although the numbers are low now, just take a moment and think about this. The numbers were low at one point in time, in both Italy and Germany, just prior to its ugly manifestation in those countries.

Is this what we want?

Well I am here to tell you that if we do not do something now, this will stand a greater chance of happening than many people think. So, what do we do? How do we do this without offending anyone? We don't. We cannot worry about it, either. The will of 81% of the people must not be overlooked on this one. We cannot do nothing just because 19% of the people don't want it.

Here's what we have to do:

1. Close the border. Then control it. We stop it and we stop it now. That was one of the main rationales of the need for a federal system, when this nation was but an infant. And it still is today, but our elected officials have forgotten it.

2. Start punishing employers that hire illegals and do it harshly. It has to be harsh or they will not get the message. They will not comply. There are laws on the books now, enforce them. If they are not harsh enough, then make them so. No jobs, no reason to be here

3. Cut off all aid other than life-saving medical care. Take away the gravy train and there will be no incentive to be here. This includes reversing the laws allowing for anchor babies, just so they can stay.

As for the 11 million or so that are already here, I am afraid that there is little we can do about that now. There is no way that we can logistically pull off a massive re-location of 11 million people back across the border, without it becoming a nightmare. It just cannot be done. That is something that will just need to be accepted, as we are way too late for that. The time to do something is now and if we put the fence up now, we can stop future difficulties.

If we don't, we may someday soon have 22 million and this will be even harder to contemplate, than it already is today. We do not have to wait and allow the other mobs to gain strength; we can do it by the enforcing the rule of law thereby, avoiding the mistakes of the past that were made by others. To not react in the legal theater of operation, will only invite the kind of reaction that none of us want.

Think about it.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

Wow, I posted on Charles Truxillo before I read this. I did not notice this was six years ago! Even more telling.

So are the protests helping their cause or are they waking the "sleeping giant"?

Mark said...

It's interesting that democrat governors of border states (Arizona & New Mexico) are taking a very hard line stance compared to their national party line. They see the bottom line costs to their states and know it's a net loss.

Howard Dean and the rest of the pasty white northern old boy club that make up the DNC leadership are just seeing new potenial democrat votes so they can gain power. They don't care what harm they do to the country in their quest for power.

LASunsett said...


So are the protests helping their cause or are they waking the "sleeping giant"?

They aren't helping and like I said in the post, they may be stirring the passions of hate groups that we really do not want in the equation.

LASunsett said...


They don't care what harm they do to the country in their quest for power.

If someday another attack of the magnitude of 9/11 takes place in the US and it is determined that the perpetrator crossed the Mexican border posing as a Mexican, you know they will blame anyone, but themselves. They will do the fastest 180 and blame George Bush, for letting it happen.

You are 100% right. they care nothing for this country, it's all about their empowerment. Nothing more.