Friday, May 12, 2006

How Will The Democrats Lead?

The TCS article by Arnold Kling is entitled, The Real Enemy. Hat tip goes to RCP (as it does, so many times).

The progressive wing of the Dems have done their best to portray the U.S. as the root of all evil in the world, at each opportune moment. So much that we now have little programmed leftist robots shouting the old leftist phrasology, of the 60s leftist crowd. I watched the 70s Show the other night and Hyde went into a righteous indignation tirade, just like I remember so well. The McGovern wing of that party, in that day, was not much different than the Deaniacs, of this present day. Except it's not Nixon taking the brunt of their fury. Bush is their enemy.

They screech, they shout, they draw all kinds of attention to themselves, they have the bulk of the news media behind them and yet, they do not have a clue as to what they will do, if they were to win back one or both houses. (Except impeachment, of course.)

They have used all of their energies and resources trying to prosecute the President for whatever they can, most of the time for the wrong reasons. We have been told repeatedly that there is a plan forthcoming, but as of yet, nothing has materialized. They have yet to articulate, a vision worthy of any realistic consideration. Yet they stand a realistic chance of getting back in power.

But being the altruistic soul that he sounds like he is, Mr. Kling tries to help the mainstream Dems a little, by a behavior modification technique known as, redirection. Since the Dems do not really understand who the real enemy is right now, he attempts to reach any and all reasonable elements that have fallen prey to the ones that have no clue on what we are facing, today. This article contains ten major differences between the U.S and that enemy, just in case they lose their way (somewhere along the way). But, I doubt they care much, if any at all. about what Mr. Kling has to say.

I hope you'll read it.