Sunday, May 07, 2006

City Looks To Take Property From Wal-Mart Through Eminent Domain

From the SF Chronicle comes this story.

The Hercules City Council will consider whether to use eminent domain to wrest a 17-acre property from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. after the nation's largest retailer rejected a city offer to buy the site with views of San Pablo Bay, city officials said Thursday.

The old saying goes: If you live by the sword, you stand a good chance of dying by the sword.

What a paradox, this is. After years of manipulating many a local government to seize property from rightful owners by force in order to build their stores, it seems the retail giant has just been bit by the same bug. So, in that sense I do not feel a bit sorry for them. But in another sense, Wal-Mart is the rightful owner of the property and to take property from them (despite their past sins in this area), is dead wrong.

But until the people get fed up with this gross misjustice in our system, this will continue pretty much unabated. When the rightful owners are normal people that do not have the resources of a multi billion dollar operation, they do not stand a chance. But Wal-Mart has money to burn and if they choose to fight it, they will need to spend a lot of it. It may not be worth the money, it will likely take.

We shall see.

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