Sunday, May 21, 2006

Arab States Plan To Send Delegation To Iran

The AP has the report.

Let's take a moment and think about this a minute.

Does it or does it not make sense for the Arab states to be concerned about this threat? Sure it does. The Sunnis are just as concerned about the prospects of a nuclear Iran, as Europe, the U.S., and the rest of the enlightened world is.

Here's the situation. Russia and China are only worried about the oil situation, right?

Well, if the Arab states are smart, they will see the need to step up to the plate a little. And although it's noble of them to send this delegation, what they really need to do is simple. They need to tell Iran to cool their jets, allow UN inspectors any/all access to the nuclear program, and quit threatening its neighbors. And if they do not, they must tell them that they will step up production should Iran cut off any oil sales as punishment/ retaliation to anyone.

The goal here is to protect the world against another slaughter of sixty million people (or more). Nothing else.

Yet, it amazes me that no one can stand up and say, enough is enough and that the world community will not allow this thing to happen again. Because folks, if this is not handled soon and properly, this thing will get out of hand and we will see, an out of control Iran very soon. With each step along the way, they will get braver and feel more empowered.

We do not need to bomb them right now. I am not saying that, at all. But what we do need, is for the US, China, Europe, Russia, and the Arab world to put their squabbles aside for a little while, get this thing through the UNSC, and be prepared to use sanctions. (Sanctions that will hurt.)

What we need are some statesmen, not a bunch of cowards that are afraid to someone mad at them. And that includes the Arab world.

If the Saudis and the other Gulf states really care about their future and the future of the world, they will be prepared to pick up the slack, in order to keep the oil market as stable, as possible. It may not be possible to absorb it all, but the blow most likely can be softened enough, to ride this out and bring Iran to its knees.

How hard can this be?

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