Friday, May 12, 2006

Mission Accomplished

Furniture is moved. I now blog from my new study/office that was created by eliminating a bedroom. The office that was once a bedroom can still be used as a bedroom, should a major guest overflow occur.

But the new family room?

It's great.

We now have a great area to sit and watch a 36" TV with Surround Sound, in comfort. The kitchen is adjacent to the new room and when in the kitchen, the new room sounds and looks like it could be a casual sports bar. Pics are forthcoming.

Thanks for being patient and for keeping the blog warm while I was out, I should have a new post up, later today.


Always On Watch said...

Now that you've got your beautiful digs, the pressure is off. Congratulations!

I'm jealous of your Surround Sound. We don't have that at our house.

I'll feel that the pressure is off once I get those evaluations done.

LASunsett said...

The pressure will not be off until my wife goes back to work on Monday. Until then, we will be tweaking things based solely on her whims. ;)

But, you are right, the hard part is over and I am glad that my stepson was home to donate some muscle to the project. He's a good kid.