Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

With this being the Labor Day weekend and the traditional kickoff of the general election campaign, I thought we'd just have some fun.

Here is the ultimate election rock song, Alice Cooper's Elected:

The Capitol Steps is an entertainment group that puts political parody songs with melodies we all know. Here are some that are appropriate for this campaign:

Super Zealous Radicals

We Only Have McCain

Hillary Will Survive

Every now and then, people ask me why I run for office of some kind. Besides that weekend in Tijuana becoming known throughout the world, I just don't think I have the temperament to remain diplomatic in all situations. This is especially true when someone plays me for a fool. Having been lied to by some of the best liars in the world, has made me fairly proficient at spotting BS a mile away.

Don't get me wrong, I am a patient man. I bear with conditions much longer than I probably should and I pick and choose my battles carefully. But sometimes enough is enough and dealing with liars in Washington for a living might be just more than I can handle.

If I went to Washington, I'd have one thing in mind. I would put my moderation on the back burner, clean house, and I would do it with a vengeance. Here's the song most appropriate to describe what would be my attitude and mood, if that were to happen:


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